Mission and Policies

Edith Wolford Library Mission

The mission of the EWE library is to be the hub of the Wolford learning community and to help develop 21st Century learners.
The library incorporates the priorities of a 21st Century community school to provide an environment that nurtures curiosity and furnishes resources and support for students, staff and parents.
The resources and support extend beyond the library walls so the students can access, evaluate and use information for their educational, information and recreational needs.

Checkout Policies 

The Wolford Library checkout policy increases student responsibility as they get older. Here are general guidelines per grade level.
Preschool/Kindergarten: Students may start checking out books in late September. They may choose one book per week at first, and then two books as they move toward more responsibility. Students are issued a book bag and must replace it if it gets lost or damaged. Students may renew books upon request.
First/Second grades: Students may check out up to two books of their own choice and one "good-fit" book each week. Checkouts may be limited at the beginning of the year to ensure responsible behavior. Students may renew books if there is no waiting list.
Third/Fourth/Fifth grades: Students may check out up to three books per checkout period (two weeks). Most classes visit the library every week, allowing for quicker turnaround of checked out books. Students may renew books if there is no waiting list.

Overdue Books
The Wolford library does not charge for overdue items. Please respect the due dates and help teach your student responsibility.
Damaged and Lost Books
No matter the circumstances, please encourage your student to be honest and report lost or damaged books right away.
If a book has minor damage, the student will be asked to "work off" the damage during recess or before or after school by helping in the library.
If a book is damaged beyond repair, the family must pay for replacement costs.