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Character Education Program

We are mighty proud of our Character Education program at Wolford Elementary.  We strive to promote "excellence in living as well as learning".



Empathetic, caring, kind, thoughtful.

Citizenship: Selfless, serve community (family, country, school, peers), team player, charitable.

Excellence: Personal best (academic, co-curricular, personal relationships, personal behavior), ethical choices.

Respect: Tolerant, appreciate individual difference, fair, considerate, courteous, polite, do not mistreat others.

Hope: Believe in yourself, optimistic, resilient, do not be discouraged.

Courage: Positive choices, do not be swayed by peers, confront destructive peer pressure, take responsibility for personal wrong doing, hold others accountable, confront inner fears and struggles, be a positive role model.

Honesty: Tell the truth, be sincere, do not deceive, mislead, or be tricky, do not withhold important information, do not cheat, be genuine, be trustworthy.

Responsibility: Be accountable to self and others, be reliable, follow through on commitments, be supportive of each other (get involved), be true in relationships, do the right thing at the right time.

Integrity: Stand up for your beliefs about right and wrong, resist social pressures to do wrong, be your best self.

Perseverance: Be steadfast, display self-discipline, commit to keep going in difficult circumstances.

Self-Discipline: Agree to live within limits, not only the ones mutually agreed upon but also those established personally.

Giving: Recognize that one of life's greatest satisfactions comes from kindness to others and that talent should be shared, through service without expectation of reward.


 What's happening at Wolford?

  • Award assemblies with character tokens given to chosen students
  • Fitness for Fun program where students walk/run laps/exercise
  • Daily morning "Character Pledge" and announcements. 
  • Posters and visual reminders throughout the school 
  • Service projects like "Harvest of Love" food drive, KRDO toy drive, hat and mitten collection for TESSA, choir singing at local senior centers, various student council charity projects.
  • Information on character traits & events in monthly newsletter and website. 
  • Book Character Day on Halloween