Edith Wolford Elementary School
                                                              13710 Black Forest Rd.
                                                       Colorado Springs, CO 80908
                                                           PHONE: 719-234-4300
                                                               FAX: 719-234-4399


Robert Wedel - Principal

Robin Lowery - Assistant Principal


Michelle Kiernan - Counselor

Karla Long - Principal Secretary


Joan Meng - School Secretary


Tiffany Richter - Building Clerk


Ben Willis - Building Manager



Certified Personnel: 



Kaitlyn Pettigrew, Teacher



Kelly Morgan, Teacher

Michelle Thompson, Teacher


First Grade

Whitney Anderson, Teacher

Mariah Kambourian, Teacher


Second Grade

Lisa Keller, Teacher

Kalee Nappo, Teacher


Third Grade

Debbie Mathis, Teacher

Courtney Thompson, Teacher


Fourth Grade

Martha Seaman, Teacher

Kelly Teigen, Teacher


Fifth Grade

Jennifer Bresciano, Teacher

Carrie Dockins, Teacher


Specials and Enrichment Staff

Sarah Bonnell, Art Teacher

Beau CainLibrarian & 21st Century Learning Teacher

Amalia De Ramon, Digital Learning Coach & 21st Century Learning Teacher

Carol Anne Dougherty, Physical Education Teacher

Debbie Leivers, Spanish Teacher

Linda Frost, TAG teacher

Kristina Kafka, Music Teacher

Support Staff

Karen Benes, Instructional Support Teacher

Katie Fuhr, Special Education (SPED) Teacher

Meghan Hill, Special Education (SSN) Teacher

Karyl Jessen, Speech/Language Pathologist

Deanna Johnson, Instructional Support Teacher

Kaitlyn Miller, Special Education (SPED) Teacher

Penny Moulton, Instructional Coach

Kristen Trump, Special Education (AN) Teacher


District Support Staff

Scott Brooks, Psychologist

TBD,  Nurse  

Anthony Murton, District Technology Technician

Nichole Mattson, Social Worker

Aimee McNab, C.N.A.

Sherry Smith, Speech/Language Pathologist

Classified Personnel: 

Deb Akers, SPED SSN Paraprofessional

Kathy Auw, Preschool Paraprofessional

Cathy Bennett, SSN Paraprofessional

Mary Correia, Instructional Paraprofessional

Jacob Damian, SPED SSN Paraprofessional/Playground Monitor

Cary Diaz, Kindergarten Instructional Paraprofessional

Carol Eads, SPED AN Paraprofessional

Lana Foery, Instructional Paraprofessional and Lunchroom Clerk

Karen Hoagland, Playground Monitor

Logan Jones, SPED AN Paraprofessional

William Kirby, SPED SSN Paraprofessional

Alison Kittle, SPED SSN Paraprofessional

Jody Scott, SPED Resource Instructional Paraprofessional

Pauline Spellman, SSN Paraprofessional

Briana Taylor, SSN Paraprofessional

Sue Trusdle, SPED AN Paraprofessional