Our Mission Statement

As a 21st Century community school, Edith Wolford Elementary is committed to educating all students in a safe and nurturing community by providing a cohesive, challenging curriculum focused on academic excellence and character development. In partnership with our community, we inspire our students to become lifelong learners and valued contributing members of a global society.
  • All students will exhibit individual growth in all content areas, as demonstrated by a body of evidence.
  • We will integrate all six 21st Century learning skills (invention, technology literacy, collaboration, information literacy, self-direction, critical thinking and reasoning) into all curricular areas. 
  • All students will be lifelong learners and valued contributing members of a global society.


  • We will use research-based, innovative instructional and evaluative practices to challenge our students to achieve at their highest potential. 
  • We will use the tools necessary to support the integration of 21st Century skills in the classroom. 
  • We will provide a nurturing community that fosters a love of learning and citizenship.