Welcome to Mrs. De Ramon's Technology Page!


Hello! I am the Digital Learning Coach at Wolford Elementary. I also co-teach the 21st Century Learning class with our librarian, Mr. Cain. I have been at Wolford since 2006. Prior to Wolford, I was the Technology Teacher at a private school in Dominican Republic for 2 years followed by 14 years at a private school in Puerto Rico.  

21st Century Skills are very important at Wolford. In our 21C class as well as through collaborative lessons with classroom and Specials teachers, we want our students develop competence in 21st Century skills. Click here to go to our "21C" class webpage and click the picture below to learn more about 21st Century Skills!

As one of the 21st Century Learning class teacher, I see students 1st to 5th grade in every week for 60 minutes; full day Kindergarten students three times a week for 30 minutes; and half day Kindergarten students once a week for 30 minutes. I also co-teach and collaborate with classroom teachers at various times. To access the 21 C class schedules per grade, click "Specials Teachers Page" on the left navigation. 
One of my goals as Wolford's Digital Learning Coach is to bring access to the technology and technology tools for both instruction and learning, providing training to staff to develop the necessary skills to fully implement them. 

At Wolford we love to use technology 


Amalia De Ramon

BS in Systems Engineering

MA in Educational Technology