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Spelling Practice Ideas

Ideas for Practicing Spelling Words

1.    ABC Order: Write all of your spelling words in alphabetical (ABC) order.

2.      Word Parts: Write your words. Then use a colored pencil to divide the words into syllables.

3.      Write each word 5 times each.  Say the word as you spell it.

4.    Silly Sentences: Write 3 or more sentences that use all your spelling words.

5.    Picture words: Draw a picture and hide your spelling words in the picture.

6.    Shape Words


s p

s p e

s p e l

s p e l l

s p e l l i

s p e l l i n

s p e l l i n g

(or make them boat shaped, wagon shaped, smiley face, etc.)    

7.    Rainbow Words: Write your spelling words with colored pencils. Make each letter a different color.     

8.    Scrambled Words: Write your words. Then write them again with the letters mixed up. (Try giving it to a friend to see if he or she can figure them out)    

9.    Vowel Spotlight: Write your words using one color for the vowels and another color for the consonants. (vowels: a, e, i, o, u)

10. Scrabble: Write spelling words crisscross using a common letter.


Example:  same








11. Word Search: Create your own word search with your spelling. Show the answers to your puzzle.  T

12. Write a Story, Poem or Song with Words: Write a story using all your spelling words. Underline the words you used.

13. Crossword Puzzle: Make a crossword puzzle with your spelling.  Show the answers to your puzzle.

14. Use Technology: Type out your spelling words (and definitions) on the computer. 

15. Visit www.spellingcity.com: Type your spelling words and choose a free activity to complete.

16. Question/Answers: Write questions with half of your spelling words. Then use the other half to answer the questions. Underline the words you used.


Deanna Johnson8/27/2016 11:57 AM
Ideas for Practicing Math Facts

Some ideas for practicing math facts include but are not limited to:

  • ​using the IXL website
  • using the Xtra Math website
  • flash cards
  • creating and solving your own problems
  • oral quizzing by a parent/guardian or sibling, 
  • borrowing laminated math fact sheets from school
Deanna Johnson8/12/2016 4:25 PM
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