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Second Grade!​


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Curriculum Overview 




At Wolford we have recently adopted a new reading program Wonders reading series.  This is one of the most successful reading series when it comes to providing a strong foundation for continuing the development of reading  and vocabulary skills. 
  • Phonemic Awareness: The ability to hear, identify and manipulate the individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words.
  • Phonics: The relationship between phonemes (the sounds of the spoken language) and graphemes (the letters and spellings that represent those sounds in written language)
  • Vocabulary: The development of information about the meaning and pronunciation of words.
  • Fluency: The ability to read text accurately and quickly.
  • Comprehension: Understanding, remembering and communicating with others about what has been read.

Sight Words/Re-reads Homework Practice: 
Sight words are key to the development and progress of your child's fluency speed. Please practice these words nightly
to increase your child’s reading fluency and self confidence.  We will assess the children on these words periodically throughout the year and send home a new list when they have mastered their current list.  Research shows that there is a direct correlation between fluency speed and comprehension.



Our spelling program is a component of our reading series. The spelling list will consist of words that are directly related to the phonics we are working on in reading. There will be weekly tests.


Writing is an integral part of second grade.  At Wolford we are beginning to use the Units of Study program and a variety of other programs to instruct and introduce the children to multiple writing genres.  The children will continue to work on writing stories and as the year progresses, they will be expected to add more information (such as transitions and puctuation) and details to support their topics and positions.




Wolford Elementary will be using GoMath. GoMath uses objects, drawings, math vocabulary, and real-world situations to help students build mathematical ideas that make sense to them. There will be nightly math homework, games, and activities available online.


Key Concepts:

  • Time to 5 minutes
  • Money-counting coins to $1.00
  • Math Facts to 20
  • Recognize, count, and write numbers to 1,000
  • Place value to 1,000
  • Adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers with regrouping

Another program we use to enhance our math curriculum is Stand-Out Math.  This program uses chants and songs to help children remember math concepts and vocabulary.

We will be practicing math facts in the classroom. Math facts should be reviewed for a few minutes each night as part of your child's homework. Children need to develop a strong number sense in math and flashcards help them remember how numbers can be combined in different ways. 




We will be using the following units of study to learn scientific methods and address state and district science standards:

  • Weather and Sky
  • Forces, Motion, and Machines
  • Butterfly Life Cycle

The science program that we use is a "hands-on" experimental approach to the study of science concepts.




At Wolford we use the Social Studies Alive program. In second grade, the unit of study is My Community. We teach the state and district standards thru this program and our reading program. We also teach mapping and geography. 




Lisa Keller

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The children are expected to do 35 minutes of homework each day. Homework binders and planners will go home each day. Please, check that homework has been completed and sign in the box provided. Homework is a time for the children to practice what they have learned in the classroom.  We expect students to practice reading and sight words for 20 minutes each night.  The remaining 15 minutes should be used for flashcard practice and assigned homework.  




We will have a morning recess break, weather permitting, from 10:45-11:00 each day. 

Students may bring a simple snack to enjoy after recess. Please, no sugary food for snacks! Some suggestions would be: fruit, fruit roll-ups, cheese and crackers, pretzels, and veggies. 

Second graders will go to lunch recess from 12:05-12:25 and then have lunch from 12:25-12:45. You are welcome to eat lunch with your child. If you would like to eat a school lunch, you must order it at the office by 9:00 am.





We have one water fountain in our classroom and one hydration station in our hallway. Please, send in a stable water bottle that closes securely with your child's name on it. Little kids get dehydrated quickly and we need to prevent this. Thank you!





Your child is welcome to celebrate their special day on or near their birthday.  Please give us a few days notice so we plan it into our schedule. Treats are welcome but should be simple in nature.  We will be sending home a note regarding any food allergies that exist in our classroom.  Summer birthdays may be celebrated in May.





From time to time we will send home some book order forms. Ordering from these book clubs can be an inexpensive way to purchase quality books for your child. You will have the choice of placing your order online or with the paper slip that comes home. There is, however, no expectation for parents to order books. If you’d like your order to be a surprise, please put a note on the order form and we will hold them for your pick-up.