Welcome to Kindergarten!

Edith Wolford Elementary is located in the Black Forest region of Colorado Springs. We have lovely views of the forest and wonderful playgrounds surrounding our campus. Our school offers both a half day kindergarten program and a tuition-based full day program. The curriculum requirements for both classes are the same although the full day program has more time to do an in depth study of the curriculum.


We use Wonders for our school-wide reading program. The focus of Wonders at the kindergarten level consists of vocabulary building, comprehension, phonemic awareness and phonological awareness. Children are given many and varied opportunities to read material at an appropriate level based on their ability. Our math program is Go Math (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). The science curriculum includes study in self-awareness, the five senses, animal studies, weather, shadows, sorting, classifying, and things in motion. The MacMillan social studies program covers beginning concepts of history, economics, citizenship, government, and friends and family.


We use a center approach to learning in both kindergarten classes where the children learn responsibility. They become independent learners by learning to manage time wisely. They spend some of their day in whole group lessons but the majority of their time consists of moving through a daily variety of centers. We feel that our children are given learning opportunities within a structured environment.


Our kindergarteners benefit from attending a variety of "specials" classes such as Art, Music, Physical Education, 21st Century Learning, Spanish, and Library. Half day children attend one special per day and full day children attend two specials each day. A quiet time is also available to full day students at the beginning of the school year as they adjust to their new day. 


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Our expected classroom manners are as follows:

  • We will be nice to our classmates.
  • We will use soft voices in the room.
  • We will walk in the room.
  • We will listen when others are having a turn to speak.
  • We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • We will take care of our classroom.

Edith Wolford embraces "Positive Behavioral Interventions &  Supports". Children are expected to meet behavior expectations throughout the building and on school grounds. They are rewarded for their positive behavior on a regular basis. Good character traits are encouraged and rewarded throughout the school year at our Student Recognition assemblies. We believe children should feel safe and secure in a cheerful academic learning environment. 




Half Day Kindergarten 

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Full Day Kindergarten 

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